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Peer Reviewed Data

Peer Reviewed Data

YUKON Choice PC has credible data published in "Journal of American College of Cardiology "(JACC) and" European Heart Journal"(EHJ) for its efficacy and long term safety. As per report published by Thomson Reuters, JACC and EHJ were amongst the top 5 journals in cardiology in the year 2012 and that confirms the robustness and objectivity of the ISAR Test 3 and ISAR TEST 4 which was published in these journals.

Long Term Safety

One of the largest meta-analysis involving more than 4,000 patients, which compared biodegradable polymer based
DES with permanent polymer based DES demonstrated the excellent safety profile of Yukon Choice PC.



ISAR-TEST 4 is the first prospective randomized trial which compares 3 DES i.e. Yukon Choice PC, Xience and Cypher for their efficacy & safety


In the field of Interventions, scientifically peer reviewed articles hold a credible place as it becomes the authentic source of information when published in a credible journal. Reviewing criteria of a top journal is very stringent. These journals are accepted globally as a non-biased and authentic source of information. These journals serve as a platform or forum for professional knowledge exchange.

A peer-reviewed journal ensures that the articles contained within it are checked by experts in the field to make sure the information conveyed by each article is accurate and up-to-date, and to make sure the methods or theories employed by each author are appropriate and correctly applied. Article which is reviewed by best cardiologists hold authenticity and they are basically non-biased which means published facts are more reliable. Publications that have not undergone peer review are likely to be regarded with suspicion by scholars and professionals.


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