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Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Technology

YUKON Choice PC is the first DES that combines the synergy of microporous surface with small amount of biodegradable polymer

The stent has a microscopically rough surface made up of micro pores with a density of 1 million pores per cm2 and an average micro pore depth of approx. 2 micrometers. The coating solution fills the micropores completely and creates a uniformed layer after evaporation of the solvent that it is dissolved in.

  • YUKON PC has microporous surface which enables minimum load of a biodegradable Polymer for optimizing the release kinetics (lesser polymeric load compared to other DES, which too gets degraded in 6-9 months days making it a Bare Metal Stent)
  • Micro-pores which act like reservoirs for delivering the drug to the targeted site use Van-der-Waals forces to also control the release- kinetics of the drug
  • The Stent has better healing that relates to better long term safety compared to first generation DES.

YUKON Choice PC stent before and after coating