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What is Yukon Choice PC ?

Yukon Choice PC is Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent system.


What are different components of Yukon Choice PC ?

YUKON Choice PC  is a combination of :

  • Sirolimus
  • Microporous stainless steel Stent surface
  • Biodegradable Polymer Resomer R202S
  • Shellac Resin

What is unique about Yukon Choice PC ?

  • YUKON Choice PC has microporous surface which enables minimum  load  of a  biodegradable Polymer for optimizing the release kinetics (very less polymeric load compared to other DES which too gets degraded in 90 days making it a Polymer Free Stent)
  • Micro-pores which act like reservoirs for delivering the drug to the targeted sites use Van-der-Waals forces to control the release- kinetics of the drug

How is Yukon Choice PC better than other DES ?

  • YUKON Choice PC is a third generation Sirolimus eluting Stent System that combines     the synergistic effect of  surface modification and  biodegradable polymer to create optimum release.
  • YUKON Choice PC’s Stent surface is coated abluminally with no drug or polymer on the luminal side of the Stent for enhanced safety.
  • YUKON Choice PC has least polymeric load of a biodegradable polymer and thus shows better results compared even with gold standards in the market.
  • YUKON Choice PC has excellent publications(JACC, European Heart Journal, Bio materials) both clinical and pre clinical studies highlighting it’s safety and efficacy.
  • YUKON Choice PC has prospective randomized multi centric clinical trial of more than 2600 patients in Europe called ISAR Test 4 conducted thru German Heart Centre, Munich Germnay.

How is Yukon Choice PC better in terms of safety ?

  • Better Endothelialization-No coating on the Luminal side of the   Stent
  • Biodegradable Polymer-Degrades in 90 days
  • Less Polymeric  compared to other DES
  • YUKON Choice PC is the First  DES which has shown statistically significant  reduction in Stent thrombosis compared to first generation DES.
  • YUKON Choice PC shows 78% reduction in Late and Very Late Stent Thrombosis compared to first generation DES.

How does Yukon Choice PC ensure less use of DAPT ?

  • Very less polymeric load
  • Abluminal coating
  • Both the drug and polymer degrades in 90 days thus making it a BMS after that.
  • Very low thrombogenecity potential.